Colours & materials

Exceptional, extravagant, exquisite, excellent, exact..
In a word: exclusive.

We have an exclusive range of colours and materials ready for you.There is a wide range of colours available to design your Porsche, both interior and exterior.Accompanied by fine wood, high quality materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre, stainless steel and leather for refining the interior.You can find out just what is possible in your Porsche centre. You can have an exclusive consultation there.

Leather is a real classic amongst the natural materials. Anything made from leather is timeless and durable.

This high quality material is easy to look after, washable and gives good grip.

Macassar wood
Macassar is a dark, very striking ebony which gives a modern and elegant feel. The black heartwood has irregular red-brown lines or marbling

Wood “olive”, light**
Applications in high quality ash - with “olive” grain (high gloss or satin matt) - are real winners in terms of elegance and individuality.

Wood “Walnut Root”, dark**
Dark walnut - the in-term for classic ambience. In the Cayenne too. it guarantees a very special atmosphere.

Carbon fibre
Carbon fibre is a lightweight, but very strong material taken from motor sport. It’s sporty look gives the ambience of motor racing.

Aluminium or aluminium look paint gives definite accents to a car and stands for sporting purism.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is alloy or non-alloy steel with a particular level of purity - and is a visual delight.

* Not available in Cayenne models
** Only available for Cayenne models