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Join us on a journey into our glorious past and find out about all the stories, people and ideas that bring the world of Porsche closer to you!

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963, a young automobile designer caused a sensation. Porsche presented a new sports car that at that time still went by the name “901” – only later was the model restyled “911” due to a naming dispute with Peugeot. Today the 911 is an icon: if you say “Porsche”, you usually mean the 911. This model perfectly encapsulates the Porsche identity and is unmistakable in its shape: the circular headlights, the deeply embedded bonnet and the sloping flyline that flows over the rear wheels, marking the point where the power of the 911 meets the road. Our new 50 Years of 911 Collection revives the spirit of the 1960s in the 21st century.

Discover our three new collections in the new Porsche Drivers Selection catalogue:

  • 50 Years of 911 Collection
  • Steve McQueen Collection
  • Motorsport Collection

Immerse yourself in a world in which thoughtfulness, attention to detail and quality are just as much a part of our philosophy as another feature that makes every item unmistakable – our passion for sports cars.