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Come with us on a journey into our glorious past with the many, many stories, people and ideas which bring you closer to the world of Porsche!

A young car designer causes a sensation at the International Automobile Show in Frankfurt in 1963.Porsche present their new sports car, then known as the “901”, only changed later to “911” for legal reasons relating to a challenge from Peugeot.Today, the 911 has reached iconic status: When most people say Porsche, they generally mean the 911.It is the identity of the Porsche company, and unmistakeable in its design:The circular headlights, the deeply embedded bonnet, the sloping flyline which opens out over the rear wheels, indicating where the power of the 911 meets the road.Our new 50th anniversary 911 collection brings the spirit of the sixties into the 21st century.

Discover our 3 new collections in the new Porsche Drivers Selection catalogue:

  • 50 years of the 911 collection
  • Steve McQueen collection
  • Motor Sport collection

Immerse yourself in a world where meticulousness, attention to detail and quality are just as important as one other feature which makes every object unmistakeable: our passion for sports cars.