Motor oils and Porsche vehicles

The engine is at the heart of each and every Porsche. Our experiences have shown that the right oil can make all the difference. It guarantees a large degree of stability, durability and offers the best protection against sediment build-up. In short: the oil has to be like the car: designed for performance.

This is why Porsche focusses on fully synthetic high performance engine oil from Mobil 1. This is due to its special composition of molecular chains of almost identical length with a uniform molecular size.

The result: a robust structure which allows for optimum pump and flow properties at low temperatures, as well as excellent stability at high temperatures.

Another advantage compared to conventional motor oils: contaminants such as paraffin, sulphur or reactive hydrocarbons are filtered out during a complex procedure. These high-performance oils also offer better resistance against ageing of the engine parts.

These properties ensure your vehicle will operate reliably over long periods of time before parts need replacing.

The result: better performance, less wear and tear, lower fuel consumption and a longer life for your engine.