Porsche original parts

Original Porsche parts mean your Porsche will always remain what it is:
An original.

The high quality standards here at Porsche mean that our replacement parts always perfectly match your vehicle’s parts and fit accurately. This ensures optimum safety and reliability. Porsche also offers a 2-year warranty.

With certain products, you have the choice between new parts or exchange parts that have been re-processed and checked by Porsche for authenticity. These are not only more cost-effective for you but also protect the environment and preserve resources since refurbishing parts requires less energy and fewer raw materials than manufacturing them from scratch. They are naturally genuine Porsche and come with a 2-year warranty.

The highly qualified Porsche technicians at the Porsche Centre will, of course, help you to determine the right replacement part (either an original or exchange part) and install it.

Porsche original parts catalogue

Porsche original parts catalogue

Discover the parts catalogue for your Porsche here.