Dynamic repair

Damaged components? There is no alternative to original Porsche parts.

Stone hit your windscreen? Dent in the passenger door? Scratch in the paintwork? A rip in the leather? We can repair it all. We use Dynamic Repair to quickly and easily fix minor damage. It saves time, protects the environment and leaves no visible traces behind. Driving pleasure is ensured and your vehicle will retain its value for a long time. Your Porsche will remain as original as ever. For more information, please contact our Porsche Centre.

  • Glass repairs
    Damage from stones can happen in the blink of an eye but driving safely is only possible if you can see well. Glass repairs prevents existing cracks becoming larger and the windscreen smashing. We will gladly advise you what type of stone damage can be repaired within the limits of technical feasibility and the law. We also take care of the settlement with the insurance company.
  • Paint repairs
    Active sports go hand-in-hand with scratches and wounds. But Porsche can even speed up the ‘wound-healing’ process. In many cases, it is possible to directly repair the area with paint damage on your car. This means that the original part can remain on the car, saving both time and money.
  • PCM repairs
    Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is as high quality as your Porsche itself and equally as useful on a day-to-day basis. However, traces of wear or minor damage cannot always be avoided during daily use. In most cases, the PCM can be repaired and a replacement will not be necessary. Please be aware that your PCM may be out of service for a few days while we cooperate with our repair experts.
  • Dent repairs
    If there is no paint damage, we can carry out repairs on a number of dings and dents while leaving barely any traces. Costs and time are relatively low as no parts have to be replaced. Repairs depend on the size and number of dents as well as the depth of warping and accessibility. Unfortunately, minor damage on the edges of load-bearing bodywork parts cannot be formed back into shape.
  • Dent repairs
    Aluminium wheels are a real feast for the eyes. But unfortunately, they are not only exposed to glances but also a great deal of strain, sharp-edged grit and curbs. Minor abrasions and paint damage can be corrected in most cases. Seek advice from our professional technical personnel on-site.
  • Interior cosmetics
    Why let wear and tear inside your car reduce your driving pleasure? Numerous areas of damage such as abrasion, scratches, pen marks, among others, can be almost completely removed. The same applies to most cases of localised or large-scale soiling. We will guarantee abrasion resistance as well as a impressive quality.