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Advice from our experts.

Advice from our experts.

Tyres transfer the high performance of Porsche vehicles onto the ground, which is why choosing the right one is of great importance. Our experts at the Porsche Centre will be glad to advise you - simply set up a non-binding appointment.
Tyre change and storrage

Tyre change and storrage

A Porsche is a sports vehicle the whole year round - provided you have the right wheels. Our wheel change service includes careful cleaning of the wheels set as well as a condition report. If requested, we can also store your wheel-set. Organise an appointment at our Porsche Centre.
Conditioning light alloy wheels

Conditioning light alloy wheels

The demands of everyday life - sharp-edged grit or curb stones - are a challenge for aluminium wheels. Minor abrasions and paint damage can be corrected quickly and easily in most cases. Our experts at the Porsche Centre will gladly advise you.

Tyre construction

Tyre bead: Made of steel wire. Ensure the tyre sits securely on the rim.
Carcass: Multiple layers of rubberised textile fibres (mainly rayon) are placed radially (at right angles) to the direction of movement. These layers determine the load capacity of the tyre.
Belt layer: Stabilises the contact area and provides directional stability. Consists of at least 2 layers of crossed steel wires.
0° cover: This layer is made of strengthened rubberised nylon fibres and reduces heat caused by friction. It ensures the tyres keep their shape at high speeds.
Running surface: Makes contact with the road. The negative profile aids water drainage and the positive profile influences grip, traction, stability as well as noise generation.
Tyre side wall: Protects the tyres from damage. Influences driving characteristics and comfort. This is where the tyre codes are imprinted.
Inner liner: Airtight inner layer (butyl layer).
Apex: Located above the bead core. Makes an impact on tyre deformation from lateral forces that affect the steering response of the tyre and cushioning comfort.

Labelling of tyres

Tyre type: Indicates the model type. N-marked LATITUDE Sport 3 tyres from Michelin are approved for the Macan.
N-marking (N0): Designates tyres that have been specially developed for the demands of Porsche vehicles. The number describes the technical condition at the time approval was granted.
Tyre brand: Shows who the manufacturer of the tyre is. Porsche cooperates with the tyre producers, Michelin. We specially develop tyres together for Porsche vehicles.
DOT coding: Provides details on manufacturer, tyre size/version and the date of manufacture. DOT stands for the Department of Transportation of the USA.
Production date: Consists of the week and year of the time at which the tyre was produced (4812 - week 48 in 2012). Incidentally, a tyre is considered new up to 5 years after it was produced.
Load & speed index: A code which indicates the maximum load capacity of the tyre (101) as well as the highest speed (Y) with a predetermined level of air pressure.
Tyre dimensions: Expressed with width in millimetres (265), height/width ration in percent (40), tyre construction type (R = radial tyres) and rim diameter in inches (21).

Our cooperation partner Michelin

Porsche and Michelin - a successful partnership for optimum performance.

Porsche and Michelin - a successful partnership for optimum performance.

Porsche and Michelin have been working closely together since 1969. And in 2002, Michelin was named the worldwide cooperation partner of Porsche. The collaboration starts long before the market launch of a new vehicle. This experienced tyre manufacturer starts developing specific models from very early on that are exactly tailored to our models.