Porsche N-marking

Also a Porsche development:

It is the special design of Porsche’s N-marked tyres that makes them stand out from the others. They ensure high driving stability and maximum driving pleasure. During development, the tyre geometry and rubber mix were specially tuned to suit Porsche vehicles. And the same applies to all the tyres - all-season, summer, winter or high performance.

All the tyres available from your Porsche service advisor have been thoroughly tested and approved by Porsche. You can tell this by the N-marking which is always indicated in the tyre’s technical data. There are the following abbreviations: N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 and N6. Each of the numbers refers to the technical condition at the time approval was granted and are continually increased. If you use a tyre approved by Porsche when your vehicle’s ones need replacing, the original performance and safety margins will be maintained. There are lots of reasons for this good outcome - 33 to be exact.

Above all, Porsche N-marked tyres differ from other tyres in terms of tyre geometry, the rubber compound and the testing process, which encompasses a total of 33 important criteria. These include 12 objective outdoor criteria such as dry and wet braking and well as lifespan. In addition, there are also 16 objective tests, such as roll resistance and stability at high speeds, as well as 5 subjective outdoor criteria which take into consideration factors such as handling and driving comfort. The results in driving pleasure and safety are noticeable.