Motor sport accessories

Decorative motor sport sticker set and side lettering PORSCHE

Image ‘Decorative motor sport sticker set and PORSCHE side lettering’

This set stands for pure motor sport.With PORSCHE lettering in a decorative strip on the boot cover.The decorative strip goes from the roof to the rear spoiler.The PORSCHE side lettering completes the motor sport decorative sticker set with PORSCHE lettering on the side skirts.

20 Inch GT3 wheel set

Image ‘20 Inch GT3 wheel set’

From the race track to the road: With the 20 inch GT3 wheel set in platinum (satin) or black (high gloss) finish.Together with the wheel set and the tyres (available separately) your car will look equally good on the circuit as on the way home with production complete wheel set.

Sports seats

Image ’Sports seats’

Guarantees even greater sportiness - and not just how it looks.With a folding back rest, integrated thorax air bag and manual length adjustment.The sports seats are made for fibreglass and carbon fibre reinforced plastic with a carbon fibre surface.Available in black leather with an embossed Porsche insignia on the headrests.

Aluminium pedals and foot rests

Image ‘Aluminium pedals and foot rests’

As in motor racing - pedals and foot rests are made from aluminium. They are sand blasted, anodised and nano coated. This gives your 911 an extraordinary look - and extremely good grip.